On Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 November several internal meetings of IFRA bodies will take place. Further information will be provided shortly to members of those bodies.

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12:15-13:15   Welcome Lunch 

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Knowledge Exchange

13:15   Welcome

Luciano Castro (Moderator, Firmenich)

Shawn Blythe (Vice-Chair, ETC)

Setting the scene for the afternoon and review of IFRA’s policy and regulation priorities for 2018.

13:20   Inhalation – Separating myths from facts

Matthias Vey (IFRA)

Rob Harrington (Arylessence)

Anne Marie Api (RIFM)

Lisa Hipgrave (IFRA UK)

Neil Owen (Givaudan)

Presentation and panel discussion 

14:00  Chemical regulation – a global view  

Cristina Arregui (IFRA)

Taiwo Koyejo (Fragrance Creators Association) – North America

Daniel Rios (Givaudan) – LATAM

Anne Croxon (IFF) – REACH

Zeynep Derya Mazici (Gülçiçek) – Turkey

Daria Hammacher  (Firmenich) – EUEA

Patrick Hellewegen (IFF) – APAC

Presentation and Q&A

15:00  49th Amendment: What’s happening and what does it mean ?

Matthias Vey (IFRA)

Kristin Radke (BASF) – Chair, Risk Management Task Force

Presentation and Q&A

  • 15:30 Break

15:55  CMRs and ingredients of concern

Cristina Arregui (IFRA)

Amaia Irizar (IFRA)

Presentations and Q&A

16:25  Natural Complex Substances

Catherine Gadras (Robertet) – Chair, NCS Task Force

Cécile Gonzalez (IFRA)

Anne Marie Api (RIFM)

Philippe Merle (Fimenich)

Presentation and panel discussion 

17:05    Nagoya Protocol

Jocelyne Kurtz (MANE) – Chair, IFRA – IOFI Nagoya Task Force

Cécile Gonzalez (IFRA)

Stephanie Jaquin Paloux (Firmenich)

Daphne de Yong Hervé (ICC)

Maria Eugenia Saldanha (ABIFRA)

Maxime Marchal – IOFI 

Thomas Delille – Mayer Brown 

Presentations and panel discussion 

17:45     End of Knowledge Exchange

19:00    Transport to dinner venue

Meet in hotel lobby at 18:55

19:30     Dinner on the Seine

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08:30     Registration and coffee


09:00     Welcome and introduction

Moderator: Kasia Madera (Presenter and journalist, BBC)

Welcome: Michael Carlos (IFRA Chairman)

09:15     Keynote Speech – « Navigating an uncertain future »

Keynote speaker: Bruno Marion – Futurist

In a fast-changing world, businesses need to anticipate the future today. This talk will examine our uncertain world and provide simple tools to help analyze, understand and find our way through our turbulent, chaotic times.

Keynote speech and Q&A

10:30       Break

I: Progress and purpose: opportunities for growth

11:00     The state of play: a socio-economic analysis of the global fragrance sector 

Speaker: Henry Le FlemingAssistant Director, Sustainability & Climate Change pratice,PwC UK

Presentation and Q&A

11:40     The Future of Scents: trends and opportunities in the fragrance sector

Scents of place: the future for established and emerging markets

Speaker: Hannah Symons (Euromonitor) – Beauty and Fashion Research Manager, Euromonitor International

Scents of opportunity: new market trends for fragrance retail

Speaker: Tara Derakshan (Co-founder, Sniph)

Scents of connectivity: the future of scent communication

Speaker: Sissel Tolaas – Scent artist and « nasalnaut »

Presentations,panel discussion and Q&A

12:45     Lunch

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II: Progress and planet: meeting the sustainability challenge

14:00     Introduction: IFRA-IOFI Sustainability initiative                       

Martina Bianchini (IFRA President)

An update on the sustainability initiative being developed by the fragance and flavor sectors.

14:15       From plant to product to perception: doing it right ans saying it right on sustainability 

With an ever-growing global demand for natural fragrance materials, this session discusses how we can meet public demand for natural ingredients and equal demands for environmental sustainability.
How do we grow high-quality fragrance plants in the most resource efficient and environmentally sound ways? How can we make the farmers of today the entrepreneurs of tomorrow?
How can research and innovation be steered into the direction of sustainable development? And how do we showcase the actions we are taking on sustainability and build public trust?

Introductory speaker:

Prof Dr Anil K Tripathi (Director, Indian Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CSIR-CIMAP), India – « Sustaining availbility of natural fragrant materials: focus on nature, natural variability and farmers »

Speaker: Hans Holger Gliewe – Chief Sustainability Officer, Symrise

Speaker: Susanne Zänker(Director-General A.I.S.E; International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products)

Presentation, panel discussion and Q&A

15:15     Break

III: Creativity Policy and perfumery: finding a balance

15:45   Policy and perfumery: finding a balance

Perfumery is the language of freedom, expression, creation and ‘yes’. Policy is the language of restrictions, rules, constraints and ‘no’. But does this have to be the case? How can perfumers and the policy community work together and begin to speak a common language – to be benefit of both?

Introductory speaker: Huseyin Erdogmus (Owner, EPS Fragrance Turkey)

Speaker: Thierry Audibert (Board member, International Society of Perfumers – Creators, SIPC)

Speaker: John Chave – Director-General, Cosmetics Europe 

Speaker: Michael Carlos – IFRA Chairman 

Presentation, panel discussion and Q&A

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16:45  Getting fit for the future: how do we grow creatively and sustainably?

Debate with members of the IFRA Board and other industry leaders

17:30 Ends of Open Forum

Social Events

19:00     Transport to dinner venue

Meet in hotel lobby at 18:55

19:30     Gala Dinner at the Hôtel d’Evreux

19, Place vendöme, 75001 Paris, France

Dress Code:

Ladies: long cocktail dress or formal dress representing your country or region

Gentlemen: Dark suit and tie, or tuxedo

Featuring a performance by Nuno Maulide

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Annual Meeting: Knowledge Exchange


08:30   Welcome Coffee

08:45    Risk perception and Communication masterclass

Masterclass leader: Andrew Powell, CEO, Asia Biobusiness

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break

12:30  Closing lunch

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